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You want to understand where I’m coming from from a sociological perspective? Joey B is basically me, culturally speaking: east coast potato redneck (I think anyway). I think he’s funny as hell for pointing out obvious things. He’ll probably be removed from the internet soon, so download his videos and watch them later. Peak current year social commentary.


Everyone loves RedLetter media for being honest and detailed movie commentary, but if you never heard of them, check them out. Saved me the trouble of watching years worth of shitty Star Wars and Star Trek movies.

In a similar vein, The Critical Drinker; an alcoholic Scotsman who reviews movies and debugs what’s wrong with them. For a top example, his analysis of the failings of modern movie villains.

Niccolo’s substack is also generally interesting and eclectic:


Matt Stoller is one of the few journalists I respect; a national treasure who is concentrating on the filthy machinations of our sinister oligarchy. For example:



I am a fan of the art of Fen de Villers; I can’t think of any other contemporary sculptor worth looking at:


Seymour Hersh probably doesn’t need your support, but he is a great American and a great man, and deserves it:

More stuff as I think of it.

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